Tacoma Community College Health and Wellness Center

Renovation of existing Bldg 20 (Health & Wellness Ctr), including locker rooms and fitness center.  A new Student Lounge will also be created.  New Additions include Gym/Event Center, Instructional Classroom, Offices, Concession Area, Training Room, and Misc support spaces.


All new additions are served with gas-fired rooftop units to provide HVAC services to the project; an automatic fire-sprinkler system was also installed.  Primary power for the bldg will be conveyed via a new exterior elec pad-mounted service transformer.


Limited site work is part of the work, including stormwater treatment and detention to serve additional impervious surfaces.  No construction activities are intended to affect or disturb identified wetland buffer setbacks.


This project was scheduled to achieve a LEED Silver rating however, upon completion, actually achieved a LEED Gold rating.