Current Projects

City of Puyallup Water Pollution Control Plant UV System Replacement+

Puyallup, WA

Replacement of UV disinfection system at the existing City of Puyallup Water Pollution Control Plant.  The wastewater treatment plant will remain 100% operational during construction.

Construct Replacement Well 31 and Demolish Lincoln Well+


Demolition of the existing Lincoln Well located at Building 512, including site improvements, and construct replacement Well #31, including new building and computer driven appurtenances.

Fire Station 72+

Puyallup, WA

Construction of a 17,674 sqft fire station that will house fire district emergency responder personnel with five (5) drive-through vehicle bays, administrative offices, meeting space, crew living and sleeping areas as well as other fire service-related support spaces. 

Kitsap County Phase 4 - Kingston Treatment Plant Upgrade+

Kingston, WA

Project includes: Interior coating in the headworks channels and vortex grit chamber; Demo and removal of the existing brush rotors and tilting effluent weir in Oxidation Ditch 1; Furnish and install two (2) submersible mixers, one portable crane hoist, and four (4) submersible mixer support masts and hoist bases in the existing oxidation ditches; Replace existing effluent rotating weir assembly in each oxidation ditch with a new fixed weir plate; Furnish and install four (4) fine-bubble diffuser aeration grids, two in each oxidation ditch; Furnish and install three (3) new positive displacement aeration blowers in acoustical enclosures on a new conc pad to the north of the existing oxidation ditches; A new structual steel canopy with lighting shall also be installed over the aeration blower area; Furnish and install stainless steel aeration piping between the new aeration blowers and the four aeration diffuser grids; and Piping and appurtenances.

Pope Elementary School Renovation and Addition+

Puyallup, WA

Renovation of existing 42,600 SF Pope Elementary School and a 34,830 SF addition located to its north. Site improvements include a reconfigured entry drive, expanded parking lot, and a new playground.

Tacoma Fire Station #5+

Tacoma, WA

This project consists of site development and construciton of a new 5,630 sqft single story fire station.  The new fire station includes dormitory, laundry, exercise and restrooms with showers for the fire department staff and an apparatus bay for emergency vehicle storage.