Current Projects

North End Wastewater Treatment Plant Odor Control Bioscrubber+

Tacoma, WA

Demolition, civil, structural, electrical, mechanical work, manufacturer's services, and appurtenances necessary for a complete in-place installation for the Odor Scrubber system on the existing solids holding tank located at the North End WWTP.

Thun Field Pierce County Storage Bldg Envelope Restoration+

Puyallup, WA

Inspect and document areas of degraded wood framing, remove degraded roof trusses and sheathing and install new, remove degraded columns, beam, and wall sheathing and install new.  Provide new asphalt shingle roofing, gutters, downspouts and other misc items.

WA Military Department - Buckley Readiness Center Room Conversion+

Buckley, WA

Alter approx 2600 sqft of the existing 27,092 sqft bldg.  The work area was originally designed as a men's locker room.  The project will subdivide the space into six (6) new "Team Rooms".

WA State Patrol Fire Training Academy Burn Building Replacement+

North Bend, WA

Replacement of the existing burn building with two new burn buildings:  (1) two-story residential burn building and (1) three-story apartment burn building with associated site improvements, circulation roads and utility connections to support these new structures.  No improvements to the existing building or removal of existing bldgs are proposed under this permit application.  The proposed occupancy group for the two new towers is group U - Utility and misc: live fire training pro per the 2015 IBC.

City of Aberdeen Sodium Hypochlorite Conversion+

Aberdeen, WA

Construction of a skid mounted on-site hypochlorite generation system.  Includes, but is not limited to, hydrogen dilution blowers, water softeners, water and brine filters, brine tank, hypochlorite storage tanks, and metering pumps.

Downtown Wells' Treatment Facility+

Yelm, WA

Upgrades at the City of Yelm's Downtown Wells' Treatment Facility.  Work will consist of a partial demo, removal, and disposal of the existing treatment facility structure, mechanical piping, and treatment system, and construction of a new facility over the existing foundation and floor slab including structural, mechanical, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and treatment system components.

Ferrucci Junior High Addition and Remodel+

Puyallup, WA

Build a new steel framed classroom addition and expand the Commons of the existing Ferrucci Junior High.  Remodel work consists of reconfiguring the admin suite and kitchen server.  Update finishes in existing hallways and make connections to the new additions.  Sitework includes:  civil and landscape improvements immediately around the existing building to build new bus drop-off loops, and expansion of the existing stormwater treatment poind on the south side of the building.

City of Bridgeport Wastewater Treatment Facility Operations Bldg Restoration+

Bridgeport, WA

Demolish the remaining existing Ops bldg and remove remaining piping and appurtenances.  Construct the new Ops Bldg including the new facility office, lab, restroom, sludge pump room, chlorine dosage and storage room, and electrical room.  Furnish and install two new sludge pumps and pump controls.  Install the currently used chlorine dosage equipment into the new chlorine dosage and storage room.  Furnish and install all required electrical, instrumentation, and telemetry work.  Install a chlorine emergency gas scrubber for mitigating sudden chlorine gas leakages.  Piping and appurtenances; HVAC; Site grading; Asphalt paving; and Landscaping.

Pierce Transit Fuel and Wash Building (Bid Package 595R-22.0, Mechanical)+

Lakewood, WA

Construction of a 24,640 sqft facility for housing two auto bus washers.  The facility consists of a washing and cleaning bldg (13,500 sqft), a fueling canopy (8,980 sqft), and a fueling support bldg (2,160 sqft).  Pease & Sons is serving as the mechanical contractor.

Pierce County - 920 Fawcett Tenant Improvement+

Tacoma, WA

Tenant improvements to existing bldg.  Bldg envelope is unchanged.  General scope of work includes:  Minor interior non-structural selective demo;  New 1-hour rated wall assemblies, floor to ceiling, creating new offices and sections of 1-hour rated corridors, with rated doors, frames, and glazing; Relocated and added light fixtures for new offices and corridors; New elec power distribution from existing panels to new offices; New signal distribution from existing main distribution frame to new offices; Mods to existing HVAC system for new offices.

Bates Technical College - Clyde Hupp Boardroom Renovation+

Tacoma, WA

Renovation of an existing A-3 Board Room, including but not limited to the following:  removal of existing select interior finishes, casework, suspended acoustical ceiling and folding partition wall including lights and mech ducts and grilles; replace with new select interior finishes, casework, suspended acoustical ceiling and wood veneer soffits, including lights, data infrastructure, and mech ducts and grilles.

WA State School for the Blind Life Skills Training Center+

Vancouver, WA

Construct a new 13,907 sf facility to provide space for programs previously housed in the Old Main bldg: the Learning Independence for Today and Tomorrow (LIFTT) program on the ground floor, and the Dept of Services for the Blind on the upper floor.