ProjectPierce College Emergency Rainier Bldg Boiler Replacement

1.Demolish boiler #1including gas, heating, flue and combustion air piping and cap piping where shown, referenced on BCE drawing MD2.01 Phase one.
2. Replace defective isolation valves on HWS and HWR header.
3. Extend existing concrete pad to accommodate new Boiler #1.
4. Install Boiler #1 on its new pad.
5. Provide a new tie-in on the HWR header for boiler #1.
6. Pipe new HWS&R piping from the new boiler to the HWR header.
7. Install a new balancing.
8. Install the new BCP-1.
9. Pipe new gas line to the new boiler with a new gas regulator (reuse the existing gas vent line). 10. Pipe the condensate drain through a neutralization trap and to an existing drain.
11. Pipe a new 10” boiler exhaust flue to the point of connection shown on drawing M3.01(phase one).
12. Pipe new 8” combustion air duct to the outside as shown on drawing M3.01(phase one).
13. Modify the existing electrical service and connect to boiler #1 including power wiring to BCP-1.
14. Install a new control system compatible with the new boiler and following the control sequence shown on drawing M4.01.
15. Perform startup for the new boiler.
16. Balance water flow.
17. Verify the control system is functioning properly.
18. Schedule a state boiler inspection.
19. Demolish existing boilers #2 and #3 including gas, heating, flue and combustion air piping and cap piping where shown per phase two plan on MD2.01.
20. Duplicate scope numbers 2-18.
21. Hoisting to offload boilers.