Olympic College Humanities Building

Construction of a new 3-story 85,012 sqft building with related adjacent site improvements.  Construction was concrete slab on grade at the first floor, steel columns and framing to a composite steel deck with concrete fill on the 2nd and 3rd floor floors, with lateral loads carried to steel brace braced frames.  Light-gauge steel framing infill at walls supports support a combination of brick veneer, dry-set composite metal panels, and aluminum window and door systems.


The penthouse was composed of metal siding in light gauge steel framing.  Mechanical system air distribution was via ductwork, with fully ducted returns.  Orientation to the sun maximizes natural day lighting, controls solar heat gain, and eliminates glare. 


Operable windows were provided at administrative areas for personal control of natural ventilation.  Landscape and civil designs minimize hard surfaces and incorporate locally adopted plantings.  The building has one main entry at the SE corner directly oriented to the main campus entry.  There are (2) 3-story stairs stair towers at each end of the classroom bar and a 2-story tower at the east end of the Student Services Court.  All hallways are double loaded. 


The project also included construction of Campus Entry Phases 1 & 2.  This project ultimately earned a LEED Gold Certification.  Unique project challenges included:  tight project schedule, occupied area (community college campus), restricted site, rerouting of City of Bremerton road while managing flow of traffic.