Ocean Shores Water Treatment Plant

The existing treatment plant included two separate treatment facilities. Water Treatment Plant 1 included existing greensand filters that currently treat water from the Owner's deep aquifer supply.  The existing Water Treatment Plant 2 was configured to treat the Owner's shallow aquifer supply. 

  • Provide and construct four new greensand filters and all associated support equip and utilities
  • Install Owner-purchased Orica Watercare MIEX ion exchange contactors, polishing filters and all related support equipment and utilities associated with the improvements to treatment at Water Treatment Plant 2. 
  • Install a new, Owner-purchased standby power generator. 
  • Provide and install associated fuel storage tank, and related appurtenances. 
  • Provide and install 3 new raw water pumps and related appurtenances. 
  • Renovate the existing Water Treatment Plant 2 Bldg, provide and install a new alum chlorohydrate feed system, and provide & install a new waste brine storage tank and transfer pumping system.
  • Provide and construct a new chlorine and potassium permanganate feed building.
  • Provide and construct a new metal building over portions of the existing Retention Tank Building. 

On this project, Pease provided pipe and/or structural welding by welders certified in accord with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Section IX (the certification required for compliance with AWWA D100).