Lakes High School Replacement - Bid Package No. 7, Mechanical Systems

Pease & Sons, Inc. served as the mechanical contractor on the project to the GC/CM (Absher Construction).  A $37M expansion and modernization of this occupied public high-school.  The current Lakes High School campus consists of several buildings attached by a covered walkway adjacent to grass field areas. The new construction occurred in three phases.


The mechanical scope of work included: All plumbing work, all fixtures shown, connection to all utilities, ventilation systems, heating and air conditioning systems, insulation, fire protection work, natural gas system, specialty exhaust systems, all testing, adjusting and balancing, temperature controls and commissioning. The heating and cooling system consisted of packaged roof top units.


There were several types of air handler systems including constant volume air handlers, VAV air handlers with terminal units and fan powered terminal units, flat plate heat exchangers with supply & return fans tied together with terminal units and flat plate heat recovery air handlers.